Maryllis Wolfgang

Photographer & Owner - CWC Photography

- I will photograph almost anything – except weddings. But even that rule has been broken at least twice.
- I love the out of doors.
- I love photographing pets and people.
- I love photographing scenes that give a mini vacation, pleasant memory or a chance to mentally get away from it all if just for a while.
- I love it when people smile and say, “I love it” when they see my images.
- I love being a photographer.

My background and experience includes a lifetime of having pets of all sizes, shapes and types. My degrees are in psychology because I enjoy people and pets and studying what motivates them. I love to travel and enjoy the beauty this world has to offer. In less than a decade I have gone from playing with a point and shoot camera in my backyard to owning and running a gallery showcasing as many as 25 artists. But I found being a business owner meant working in an office 6 days a week and not having time to do what I love - shooting with my camera. The gallery opened doors for me I would never have expected. Through a chance meeting I was asked to do some work for a local magazine --- Which led to working for 2 more magazines --- Which led to being managing photographer for Milledgeville Living Magazine. I am also on the Board for the Middle Georgia Arts Association. I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. I am honored to have received numerous ribbons and awards for my photography. In return I donate my services to local charities Georgia Cancer Support and Have A Heart Save A Live.

As shown in the "Events" page of the site, I focus mainly on shows where true art is displayed. An occasional local festival can be found, but most times you will find me among nationally exhibiting painters, sculptors, glass blowers and other unique artists.

This year I am expanding my services to include custom, large scale printing up to 36 inches on professional photo paper or canvas. I sit with a client and using Photoshop CS6 bring out the best of their photo session or their supplied image.

In a nutshell, I see beauty all around - in people, pets and natural settings. It gives me pleasure to share the beauty through the art of photography.